Protect Your Skin: Fragrance Free Natural Products For Baby

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There is nothing worse than when your baby’s skin is dry, irritated or itchy. Often it can mean discomfort and disrupted sleep for the whole family, not to mention an upset bub. The right baby skin care products can help to avoid and soothe these symptoms, but beware — not all baby washes and shampoos are created equal! Some baby skin care products can disturb the healthy balance of your baby’s skin, rather than improve its feel. The culprit? Fragrance.

What’s the deal with fragrance?

You’ve probably noticed an increase in fragrance-free natural products for baby on the market, without really knowing why they’re there. The truth is, the ‘fragrance’ used in much of today’s baby products is a complex mixture of chemicals. Naturally fragranced products are often perceived to be safer and more healthful, but this perception is not necessarily accurate either. Fragrances are common irritants, including natural ones, such as essential oils or plant extracts.

Natural Baby Products Australia

Why choose fragrance free?

Organic and natural baby skin care products which are fragrance free can prevent the symptoms of a variety of skin problems including eczema, dermatitis, and itchiness by helping to make the skin healthier. If your baby has dry skin or suffers from eczema, you should definitely be avoiding all perfumed products. Some skin irritations can be cleared up quite quickly with medicated creams, however, the symptoms are likely to reappear and are often difficult to control. Prevention is always better than cure, and avoiding harmful product ingredients is an easy way to protect your skin.
So let’s break it down. When you use a fragrance free lotion or shampoo, you’re getting only the essential active ingredients and nothing else. When you think about it, it’s a sensible choice even for individuals without sensitive skin and it’s a great way to limit your exposure to harmful ingredients. Unscented skincare products such as basic soaps, hand-wash, and laundry detergents are also the safest choice for your household, caring for a variety of skincare requirements.

Sukin Natural Baby Products Australia

The range of Sukin natural baby products Australia are an example of true natural products for baby stripped down to the bare essentials. Our range of baby products has daily bath time covered from head to toe, but we’re particularly proud of our natural fragrance free body lotion with aloe vera and almond oil. It helps to soothe and protect the skin without the nasty chemicals.

We also take pride in being one of the best natural baby products Australia manufacturers, bringing simple and effective skincare to children. We’ve developed our baby range thorough extensive research, collaborating with reputable, suppliers so that you can feel safe using our products on your family.

A baby’s skin is an incredibly sensitive thing, so make sure you’re treating it with non-irritating, safe baby products.


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