Pick The Wedding Venue That Makes Your Wedding A Fairytale

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Wedding is the memorable and the big day in everyone’s life. After your engagement, it is important for you to start the search for the best wedding venues Melbourne in your desired location. The bride and groom’s family have to take their requirements, including the capacity of the venue, parking area, in-house catering service, lighting equipment, and other things prior to choosing a venue. The wedding venue that is spacious and surrounded with lush green fillers would add more grandeur and glory to the wedding.

Undeniably, venue selection is the crucial part of every wedding. More importantly, it is the time consuming and a stressful process. However, if you are clear with your preferences, then the selection process becomes a piece of cake. There are different types of beautiful wedding venues Melbourne available. You need to pick the one that is perfect for you to celebrate your big day. After going through the different wedding venues, you can pick the venue of your dreams with ease.

There are umpteen factors that affect the choice of your wedding venue. One is the guest list and the other is the area where you are going to get hitched. While making the list of venues within your budget, you need to know the type of venue that matches with your style. There are a few unusual venues which may be perfect for your wedding.

Wedding Venues Melbourne

Below is the list of top-notch wedding venues Melbourne that many couple vest interest in choosing;

  • Hotels

This is the popular wedding destination that is often chosen by many people, since it is convenient and is equipped with all the amenities that would make a wedding memorable. There are a few hotels who even offer wedding packages, thus helping you to choose one that is within your budget.

  • Golf clubs

People are given permission to host the events in clubs. The best part of this venue is that, they offer spacious area that is surrounded with greenery, thus letting you capture wonderful pictures.

  • Beaches

These are perfect venues for an informal wedding. The couple and guests can relax on the sands of the beaches and have a great and memorable wedding. When you are planning for a beach wedding, you need to personally visit the coast to check whether or not the beach area allotted to host weddings is private and has shelters.

  • Vineyards

The couple who wants to have a romantic wedding can host their wedding in vineyards. The panoramic views will let you capture beautiful wedding shots. In addition, you can serve fresh wine to the guests and keep them entertained. The vineyards also provide wedding packages, in house caterers, and other amenities.

  • Formal Garden

This is a perfect wedding venue, if your wedding date is locked for summer. The wedding area would be encompassed with lush green fillers and beautiful flowers that you do not need to decorate the wedding stage exclusively.


If you are hosting a wedding, picking the best wedding venues Melbourne is crucial. There are many venues available and you need to pick the one that suits you the most to make your event memorable and long-lasting.

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