Types Of Concrete Products Available In The Market

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Concrete is the durable and easy to maintain material that is installed on driveways and footpaths. You need to buy Concrete Products Melbourne from a reliable company to get superior quality of this material at a very competitive price. Many homeowners evince interest in using concrete in their construction ventures, since it has the ability to withstand to harsh weather, heavy foot traffic and vehicular moments.

More importantly, concrete flooring is laid in parking lots, walkways, sideways, footpaths, and entrance area of the home or office due to its durability and sustainability. The concrete strength used varies from area to area. You can use little low strength concrete in driveways, while medium strength concrete in high volume traffic areas and high strength concrete for high rise buildings. This concrete is available in grey colour. However, you can attain your desired shade of concrete by mixing it with various colours.

Concrete is the widely used construction materials globally. There are different types of durable Concrete Products Melbourne available in the market. Each type of concrete has a different strength.

Various types of concretes that are available in the market include;

  • Modern concrete

This type of concrete is prepared by mixing Portland cement with water. Many people often get confused with cement and concrete. Basically, concrete is a hard rock like substance that is used in constructing high rise building sturdily.

  • High strength concrete

This concrete possesses high strength over the modern ones. Undeniably, it is hard to break and has the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. To prepare this concrete, silica fume is added to reinforce its bond with cement. When this material is added to cement, it gets dried at a brisk pace. To balance the workability, super plasticiser is mixed into high strength concrete, thus allowing the workers to place concrete swiftly.

  • High performance concrete

This concrete is durable, tough and has the ability to withstand to all climatic conditions. This is mostly used in constructing the buildings in the areas that is prone to natural disasters.

  • Ultra high performance concrete

This concrete is made by mixing various construction materials including silica fume, quartz flour, Portland cement, and fine silica sand. In addition to these materials, water is added to strengthen the mixture. This concrete is highly durable over the other materials, due to the addition of a wide variety of fine powders. Basically, when a building is constructed with other types of sturdy Concrete Products Melbourne, a steel bar is installed to reinforce the structural strength, but ultra-high performance concrete has compressive strength. This concrete is resistant to cracking and possesses high structural integrity.

  • Stamped concrete

This is another widely used concrete type of construction. Examples of areas where this concrete is used include pavements, walkways and areas that are prone to high traffic. When you lay concrete, you can add a layer of mould on top of it to boost its natural appearance.

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