Understanding The Process Of Concrete Polishing

Author : Daniel Mault


When most of the people list the most common flooring materials, they probably consider stone, tiles, wood and linoleum to be the best options. If you would ask someone to list any of the durable as well as elegant options, then the list may get restricted to just stone and tiles. Cement would probably not on either of the lusts even though it should be. Concrete polishing is rapidly becoming the most popular choices for retail, residential, industrial, business as well as medical buildings. Malls, offices, restaurants, official complexes, resorts, etc. may have this type of flooring.

How does the process work?

This process helps in transforming the slabs of cement into contemporary and beautiful floors. They’re increasingly becoming popular amongst the designers, architects, as well as builders as they’re easily available in a number of styles designs and colours. This type of flooring options is quite durable as well as easy to be maintained. Unlike carpets, tiles or wood, there’re absolutely no fibres or edges for the bacteria or dirt to be collected. Thus, it is a smart option for kitchens, hospitals, and kennels etc. where sanitation is very important.

The concrete polishing is another very safe and smart choice. The warehouses garages as well as industrial facilities go for non-porous surfaces, so that the chemicals as well as moisture do not get trapped on the surface of the floor. They feature the non-slippery surfaces also with a co-efficient of friction which exceeds federal guidelines which are recommended by OSHA of Melbourne.

It is also an eco-friendly option. As this option utilised the current surface, there is absolutely no need of petroleum products, lumber or any other type of natural resources. The specialists employ high-torque grinding machines for first grinding and then polishing the surface.

All these grinding machines are very well equipped with the dustless vacuuming system so that the process is virtually dust-free and clean. These kind of floors are quite popular amongst the builders also as they can be used right after polishing is done. The shiny surfaces are help in improving the interior lighting conditions. They reflect light and also add to existing light, thereby reducing the cost of energy.

Concrete polishing may be dyed or stained in literally hundreds of colours and shades. The surface treatments may vary from high shiny glossy finish to subtle matte finish. Almost every surface may be polished if it’s in a good condition in Melbourne.

In case the flooring is uneven or cracked, self-levelling concrete may be laid for creating the surface. Colour glass as well as chips may also be added for creating different patterns as well as designs.

Concrete polishing is gaining a lot of popularity these days in Melbourne and becoming the no.1 choice of people.


Concrete polishing is gaining a lot of popularity due to its ease and durability. It gives a new life to the floor and maintains its lustre and shine. That is why every second person in Melbourne is opting for it.

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